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Pulpit Covered
In Blood

This book uncovers the profound influence of ministry on pastors and their congregations. Through a blend of personal experiences and insightful analysis, it reveals the emotional, mental, and spiritual strains borne by spiritual leaders. Offering a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between pastors and their communities, this book stands as an enlightening guide, exploring the complexities of faith and the human spirit within the context of ministry.

Let’s embark on the journey of restoration together.”

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Peter O.

This book is filled with wisdom and insight, that will shift the perspective of ministers, believers, and the church in whole. Joshua Okpara never fails to enlighten readers to a deeper understanding. This book will bring restoration and healing to people individually and throughout the church.

Mari P.

This is such a great book/read! The insight in this book is necessary for restoration: individually and for the Church collectively. Definitely recommend!

Ajah M.

Very insightful book! Joshua Okpara is one of my favorite authors! He gives such insightful tips and wisdom for different aspects of life! THIS BOOK RIGHT HERE though is a GAME CHANGER! No one talks about healing that needs to happen to people in leadership/ministry! This books is going to change the church for the better!

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