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Meet Joshua

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Joshua Okpara, a native of Lagos Nigeria, understood from a young age the tenacity it takes to overcome adversity, as he lost his mother two weeks before his 8th birthday, and soon after moved to the United States to begin a new life.

Dealing with the hardship of adjusting to the unfamiliar territory; anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts set in. After a failed suicide attempt at age 14; he embarked on a journey to inspire, challenge, and motivate others to walk in their God- given purpose.


"Unfamiliar territory, develops self- awareness."

God’s blessing over man in Genesis 1:26 to dominate the Earth in His image and likeness is the fuel that drives all of Joshua’s endeavors. It has served as a foundation for the resources he provides, consulting, coaching, and ministry.



Joshua Okpara has written ten best-selling books such as "Where Does It Hurt?" "31 Days to A Better You", "Handling Uncertainty", and Discovering Your Value" sold internationally.


Joshua is known for his charisma, leadership, and his passion for purpose. He is married to Charmecia Okpara and, together  they raise their son, Josiah Okpara. He serves as founder and senior pastor of Faith Filled Church, located in Lewisville, Texas.



"In the short time I've come to know Joshua, I've been legitimately impressed by his commitment and desire to excellence.  Reading Joshua's book "She's the One, But You're Not the One...Yet" and then working alongside him has shown me that Joshua is a leader among his generation. He's a joy to work with and I'm excited to see his future endeavors."

— Chiemezuo Orioha,

Campus Missionary at Every Nation

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