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When Men Worship

October 8th & 9th

God is summoning his sons to return to alignment with his heart. To bring back unity within families, communities, and broken systems, starting with men. Men have strategically been given an authoritative position, and when that position has been lost it leads to chaos and havoc not only in the present generation, but for generations to come. What happens, though, when men begin to worship?

The 2021 “When Men Worship” conference will comprise of 2 days:

Day 1:

An explosive worship experience with a spoken word performance, violin soloist, amazing guest psalmist, and a power packed word from the Lord. 


Day 2:

Breakfast, 2 transformational teaching sessions by some phenomenal guest teachers, and 2 interactive breakout sessions that will empower community and fellowship amongst the men. 



Do you have a Christian based business that offers products or services to men? We are looking to give vendor opportunities to six small businesses. 

Become a Sponsor

See the potential impact of this event and want to support it financially? We would love to have you to sponsor the event.

Join the
Prayer Call

What's worship without PRAYER? Every Monday at 6 am CST Pastor Joshua Okpara hosts a prayer call exclusively for men. Are you ready to take your prayer life to the next level?

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