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10 Secrets of Happy People

Here are My personal 10 secrets I believe every Happy person shares...

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Truth about Happiness

The truth I love about Happiness is that it is AVAILABLE for everyone. It is not for a select group of people, but rather, for everyone who is willing to have it..

Every happy person I have ever spoke to have always shared secrets with me as to what makes them happy, and its amazing to me how repetitive these secrets are. I applied them in my life and the results were remarkable, I encourage you to also apply these secrets and watch your life change for the better..

Secret # 1

Be grateful for everything, even if it's the smallest thing.

The # 1 secret is to have an #attitude of #gratitude. when you appreciate the small things in life, it closes the door to disappointments.

Secret # 2

Forgive Quick.

Happy people #forgive as soon as they're offended. They never hold on to grudges. It allows them to live life freely without #carrying a #burden.

Secret # 3

Smile More, even if you don't feel like it.

Smiling is very contagious. When you wear a #smile on your face, it #brightens up your day and those around you causing them to spread love back to you.

Secret # 4

Be generous to others.

Generosity is beneficial for the #giver and the recipient. When you are #generous with others, it gives others an opportunity to be generous towards you.

Secret # 5

Love More

Love is #essential for happiness, when you have the intent of #loving others, it provides healing, #health and happiness.

Secret # 6

Put God first

Happy people understand that to function in this life, a solid relationship with God is needed.

Secret # 7

Pray More, Worry Less

A successful #prayer life will ultimately lead to a #successful happy life.

Secret # 8

Health is wealth

Happy people understand the importance of living an #healthy life. Everything from the food you eat, what you drink to your sleep schedule plays a role on how #happy you feel.

Secret # 9

Exercise More

Happy people always endeavor to exercise. It is essential for our health and it is a great stress reliever.

Secret # 10


Happy people take thoughts from their head, whether #happy or #sad, and journal it down. Writing has been proven to #relieve stress, and #promote a happier life.

These are the 10 consistent answers I have received from Happy people regarding their secrets. I tried it in my life and it worked, try it and tell me what you think..

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Be Inspired

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